Service Responsibility

Establish a stable relationship with clients, provide top quality goods and service to them. All of our products we have the only item NO to each, which would be helpful to avoid some affairs of misunderstand, we would take the responsibility that caused by reasonable business hip.
Apply for control the order, sales contract, goods quality, service and information collection &feed back, etc. 
3.1QC departments in charge of disposal the quality complains.
3.2Production department’s responsibility is complete the production task in time according to the clients’ request.
3.3Sales department need to confirm the sales contract and the order.
3.4Sales men need to track the production and feed back all the information from the clients to company and confirm with the clients of the sales contract.
  4.1.1 Foreign clients place the order to us by faxing or internet.
  4.1.2 Local order could be dividing as two ways: clients place the order by faxing or internet; sales men try to extend the business and get the order.
4.2 sales order audit
4.2.1 All the sales order should including the below informationL
A、The handwriting should be clear
B、Client NO, address, contact information.
C、Products name, size, item NO, quantity, lead time, any special request.
D、Our stock is enough to the order’s quantity? Could the production departments complete the order on time? How the situation of the role materials, and the possibility of the technology? Those should be keep a record.
E、Some special sales order could be discussed and audit among more departments.
F、sales order evaluation: an acceptable sales order could be sign by the sales department’s manager, while a rejected order not.  
4.2.2Accepted and rejected sales order:
A. Rejected sales order, sales men confirm with the clients to delete or update the order.。
B. An acceptable order could arrange to production and been tracked by the sales men.
4.2.3 Oral order is useless, sales men could fill up a sales contract according to the client’s oral request and get their confirmation by faxing, or ask the client to resend the order in a permitted period, the same request as 4.2.1
4.2.4 Sales men should keep the sales order and contract well.
4.3 Tracking of sales order
4.3.1 Sales men track the material purchase and production procedure.
4.3.2 Once the lead time has been affected, sales men should take correct action to try to ensure the shipment. 
4.4 update of order
Once the clients update the quantity, quality, technology request and size, etc, sales men should present those information to related departments (refer 4.3.2)to correction the order.
1) Sales men should inform the situation of clients regularly, and present those information to the general manager.
2) After collect the complains from the clients, sales men should fill up《correction &prevention list》and give it to QC, QC should check the reason and make a plan of correction, after get the general manager’s approve the sales men feed back those information to the clients.
3) sales men and the manager of sales department in charge of disposal the clients’ question, goods problem, made decision of the contract, etc.
4)once the clients make the complains directly by handwriting, QC should disposal it as the procedure 2).
4.6 Satisfactory investigate
4.6.1 Sales men provide the clients 《satisfactory investigate》 yearly and ask for suggestion and improvements.
4.6.2Sales men collect the suggestion and work out a measurement then feed it back to the clients, big problem could be see as complains and disposal as 4.5 procedure.
4.6.3 If the clients are not satisfy with our products or service, related departments should take responsibility to analysis the reason and make action of how to improve. QC take the responsibility of supervise i.。
4.7 clients’ belonging: sales contract, fax, etc. sales men should take responsibility to protect clients’ property, once it been damaged or broken or out of date, clients should been informed by the sales men, a record also should been kept.
  4.8 sales men should pay attention to the environment pollution when communicate clients and avoid any possibility of the pollution.
5. related documents
5.1《documents control systems》
5.2《production control systems》
5.3《persistent improvement procedure》
6.quality record
6.1《clients list》
6.2《satisfactory investigate》
6.3《sales order》

《sales contract》should《sales order》

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