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This contract was made by PARTY A and PARTY B through well negotiation, for this reason they make the contract so that can abide together

Ⅰ. Name, variety, standard and quality of product
1. Name of product: _______________ Variety:_______________Specification: _____________________
2. Technique Standard (including quality of requirement), perform as industry standard.
3. Negotiation about the technique request between PARTY A and PARTY B. Perform as the PARTY A’s request.

Ⅱ. Quantity of product, measure unit and measurement
1. Quantity of product: _______________________________
2. Measure unit, measurement:___________________ positive and negative ________________
3. The regulation and measurement for positive and negative balance of the delivery goods quantity, reasonable pound balance and natural quantity change on the way: __________________

Ⅲ . Packing standard of product, supplying and recycling for wrap page: ________________________

Ⅳ. Delivery unit of product, method of delivery and transportation, delivery place (including leased line and port)

1. Delivery unit of product: __________________
2. Method of delivery, follow (          ) to carry out:

(1) PARTY B delivers goods
(2) PARTY B as substitution to deliver products (PARTY B as substitution of transportation should fully consider the requirement of PARTY B and negotiate the suitable line and tool of transportation)
(3) PARTY A pick up and ship the products
3. Way of transportation: ___________________________
4. Destination and receiver: ____________________________

(If Party A ask to change destination or receiver, he should inform Party B the date of delivery as the contract said before 40 days, so that Part B arrange the monthly plan for taking car or boat; If need Party A to deliver, the contract must be marked. For the transportation, load and unload the products to Party A and Party B, they should follow the related stipulation and make changing to transportation.

Ⅴ Date of deliver goods

(Setting the date of delivering and substituted the products, so that Party B can deliver goods, Party B has other appointment。As the contract said the date for delivering products from Party A has received products, take the date of Party B pick up the products as standard. In the announcement of picking up products for Party B, it should offer necessary time to Party A for destination The date for actual delivering or pick up products should be early or late as contract said, and should be regarded as early or late to deliver or pick up products)

Ⅵ. Price of product and calculation of payment.
1.Price of product should follow (1) to carry out:

(1)According to the negotiated price or quotation from Party A & B
( During the date of delivery or picking up, the price will be set by government, when the government adjusts the price, the price will be worked when goods of delivery. When exceeds the time for delivery, the original price will be worked if the price was rising; the new price will be worked if the price was decreased. The discrepancy of adjusted price, caused by exceeding the date for payment, which will be separately calculated by both party. It will not conflict the original amount. Because the payment in exceed time and make the price difference。The price was set by the contract and will be carried out when executing the floating price and consultation price.
Settlement for paying the product: Settlement for paying the product, actual cost of freightage and other fees which are basis on the methods of People’s bank of China.
(The contract should be marked the payment of bill or the payment of checking, if summed up by the bank. The time for the payment of checking should be within 7 days, date from the shipping company give bill of lading to the receiver. If any of the party needs to shorten or prolong the time for checking, he should mark in the contract, and let the bank to stipulate)

Ⅶ The way for checking and receiving __________________________

(The following details are clearly stipulated by the contract:
1. The time for checking and receiving is within 3 days
2. The way for checking and receiving is to try before using.
3 The standard for checking and receiving is following the business or Youxing Enterprise.
4. The checking, receiving, testing is in charge of Party A.
5. Any disputation caused by checking and receiving will be arbitrated by the product quality organization of administration in Zhongshan)

Ⅷ Time & solution for any objection to the product

The type, item no., specification, design and quality of products are not meet the standard, when Party A check the product, Party A should keep the products and demur to Party B; In the period for 托收承付期, Party A has no right to deny the payment for disqualified part. If Party A is late for informing Party B or from the date of receiving the product within 15 days, and Party B don’t know that, these product will be regarded as qualified products
2. The quality of products go bad which caused by Party A, Party A can not demur
After receiving the written objection, Party B should solve the problem within 15 days (except additional stipulation or the negotiated date for any of the Party). Otherwise, Party B will be regarded as agree with the objection and suggestion for Party A

In the writing objection for Party A, who should mention the item number of contract, item number of shipping bill, item number of car and ship, date of delivering and lading; and also say the disqualified name of product, model number, specification, decide, mark, item number of brand, item number of bulk, certification or item number of quality certification, quantity, package, way of checking, checking situation and prove of checking; and give the suggestion of disqualified product, and the necessary introduction negotiated by two parties )

Ⅸ The responsibility of breaking contract for Party B
1. The type, item number, specification, design, quality are not meet the standard which supplied by Party B, if Party A agree to use, the price of product should be judged by the quality of product; If Party A doesn’t make use of this, Party B should change, repair, refund the products from the detail situation.
2. Party B’s package of product is not meet the standard of the contract said, if the product need to be repaired or re-packaged, Part B should in charge of the cost. It will be regarded as agreement and no need to repair and repackage the product.
3. Party B delivery the product in an early time, the extra type of products, item number, specification, design and disqualified products, Party A should in charge of the cost for his keeping products and the loss not caused by Party B’s storage.

4. If Party B deliver the products to the wrong destination or receiver, except Party B should in charge of the contract mentioned destination or receiver, also should pay for Party A’s extra fee (caused by Party B’s mistake).

Party B deliver the products past the date, Party B should negotiate with Party A before deliver the products, if Party A needed, Party B should compensate as original quantity, if not, Party A should inform Party B within 3 days, and cancel the contract. If Party A doesn’t give answer, which will be regarded as agreement of delivery

Ⅹ. Sum up the price & payment of products.

1. Party A refund the products in the half way, Party A should ask Party B refund 50% payment as the cost for breaking contract. (The cost for breaking contract will be regarded as compensation for breaking contract).

2. As the contract says, Party A cannot offer the related information and product information or packing goods, except the date of deliver products can be delayed, Party A should take the rule from People’s bank of China about the delaying payment for reference, Party A calculates the payment from delaying some of the payment, Party A should refund the cost of breaking contract for delaying products. If not, Party A will be regarded as refunding the products in half way.
3. From the date of Party A picking up the products and Party A does not follow the informed day or the date as the contract said, Party A should take the policy from People’s bank of China about the payment for delaying for reference. Party A sum up the payment which should follow exceed time and refund the cost of breaking contract for picking up product at exceed time to Party B and pay for the cost of keeping products.
4. If Party A pays at exceed time, Party A should follow the bill of delivery date and People’s bank of China about delaying the payment, and also refund the cost of breaking contract to Party B.
5. Party A breaks the contract and refuse to receive products, Party A should take the responsible for causing the loss and penalty of transportation.
6. If Party A fills the bill for the place of destination or receiver by mistake, or gives the wrong opinion to Party B, Party A should take responsibility for the loss

Ⅺ Irrevocability
Because of the irrevocable reason, Party A or B cannot follow the contract, any of the party should advise the reason why can not carry out completely or not completely, so that to release the loss. After receiving the proof from the related organization, any of the party allows to postpone carrying out completely, partly or not at all, also according to the situation the party can completely or partly to avoid the responsibility of breaking contract

Ⅻ Other _________________

As the contract said, any of the party should pay for the cost of breaking contract and keeping compensation, and all kinds of the economic loss, after making clearly the responsibility within 10 days, will follow the way of calculation for payment at exceeded time. However, any of the party cannot deduct the products or payment of goods as supplement. If any argument happened, Party A and B should negotiate in time, if failed, any of the party can go to Zhongshan court directly.

The valid date of contract form_________________Day &_________________Month ___________________Year, in this period, Party A and B can not change randomly or cancel contract. If the contract still has problem, Party A & B should negotiate together and make supplement. The supplement and the contract have the same power. The original for contract in one and duplicate, Party A and B get it separately; The copy of contract in one ________pieces, separately deliver the document to the administration and bank (if through by the department of notarization or visa, should be send to those department ) of Party A and B …and so on

BUYER: (PARTY A): __________________        Supplier (PARTY B): ____________________

LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE:___________________ LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE: ______________________

ADRESS: _____________________________   ADRESS: ________________________________

OPENING BANK: ________________________

TEL: __________________________   TEL: _________________________________

______DAY_____ MONTH ______YEAR ORDER
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